In March of 2005, Dave got a consulting assignment with a Government contractor in suburban Washington, D.C. One weekend, he had the opportunity to enjoy the Cherry Blossom Festival, and to finally see the World War II memorial. He expected the latter to be too big for the space, but it is not. It in fact is just right and very impressive and moving.

    Around Washington

    The Cherry Blossom Festival is a wonderful time to see Washington. While you're there, be sure to take in the Museum of the American Indian, the Freer Gallery of Asian art and the National Gallery.

    The (Dulles) Air and Space Museum

    The Air and Space Museum that every one knows on the Smithsonian Mall is out of room. Always has been. So they built an annex near Dulles airport that is really BIG!

    The World War II Memorial

    From its description in the newspapers, I expected this to be too big and garish, overtaking what was otherwise a lovely mall. I was wrong! It is perfect! Yes, it's spacious, but the mall is bigger, so that isn't a problem. And the layout is very effective. It exudes exactly the right amount of tranquility for reverence.