Henrietta Hay is a (formerly sports-car-driving) liberal in a conservative town. In Grand Junction, Colorado, she has been writing a weekly column for the local Daily Sentinel for more than twenty years, now. In spite of (or because of?) her often renegade views, her column is the most popular feature in the paper.

Sadly, she died in her sleep on July 25, 2020. She was 106 years old!

Henrietta's columns fall approximately into these categories:
This Issue's Column
Remembering the Twentieth Century
Language and Literature
The Modern World
Life at Home
The Latest Mysteries
People of Interest
Politics in General
Women's Issues

For her one hundredth Birthday, Henrietta got some special attention from the Governor of Colorado and the President of the United States: (attention).

To see her other press coverage, press here.

Back in the late 1940s, she had a morning radio program at radio station KFXJ in Grand Junction, Colorado, where her husband Chuck was Chief Engineer. Here are some lost pictures, now found.

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