David Hay, President of Essential Strategies, Inc., has a million stories to tell. If you've met him at a convention you've heard some of them. Here you have the opportunity to sample them, with the added advantage that here you can stop listening whenever you get bored. You do not have to notice someone across the room that you simply must speak to...


      Dave Goes Behind the Iron Curtain

      In 1973, Dave's life was changed by a two month odyssey through Eastern Europe. This is his story.

      Bahrain Notes

      In 1996, Dave had the chance to work in the middle east. These are his observations.


      Washington, DC

      In March, 2005, Dave worked Washington just in time for the Cherry Blossom Festival (and he saw some other stuff as well.)

      Western Colorado

      For those of you not familiar with Dave's home town, here's a picture albume.


      Here's a picture album of his current home town. This is a rather random collection of impressions of the city.


      Recently, Dave got an assignment in Edmonton, Alberta, in Canada. It's a most interesting city.

      Jasper, Alberta

      Labor Day, 2003, Dave made his way to Jasper, Alberta. A truly lovely place in the Canadian Rockies.

      New York City, 1967

      Dave was 20 years old when he first visited New York City during the summer of 1967. He was sponsored by the Presbyterian Church, who hired him to run a summer program in the East New York section of Brooklyn. His pictures of New York at that time make an interesting time capsule.

      New York City, 2004

      Then in 2004, Dave got to spend three months in New York, on a project for the JPMorgan Private Bank. He stayed at the DoubleTree Suites Hotel, right on 7th Avenue and 47th Street. He also got a new digital camera for Christmas. Then in the Fall, he got to return with a project for Citigroup. This time, he stayed half a block from Wall Street.

      Scotland, 2004

      On June 16, 2004, Dave's daughter Pamela married a Scotsman, Paul Sharp. This precipitated a trip to Scotland. Here are the pictures of the place.


      Thoughts on a High School Reunion

      Dave isn't as young as he used to be

      Long ago and far away . . . in the sixth grade

      In 2009, Dave took a walk around Pomona Elemmentary School in Grand Junction, Colorado. It had been exactly 50 years since he had been a sixth grader there--and it was the first year the school was open. Here are his reflections...

      Reflections on College

      David graduated with a Bachelor's degree in philosophy from Claremont Men's College (now Claremont McKenna College) in Southern California in 1969. Times were different then, but so was he -- sort of . . .

      Comedy Tonight

      An exerpt from his short-lived stand-up comedy career.

      The World Trade Center

      New York City's World Trade Center vanished September 11, 2001. There's not much you can say, but Dave tries.

      Building a House in 1947

      In 1946, my Mom and Dad moved to Grand Junction, had me, and then spent $6,000 to by a plot of land and a "kit" for building a house.

      An "Interesting" Trip over Loveland Pass

      On a trip to Grand Junction, I drove back to Denver on a snowy November Day.



      Dave's mom writes a weekly column for the Daily Sentinel in Grand Junction, Colorado. She's a sports-car-driving liberal in a conservative town, but her column is the most popular feature in the paper. Oh, and she's 85 (no, wait! She's 93!) years old.


      Dave's daughter Pamela sings opera in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. Herein lies her resume.

      Franz Kafka Buys a Computer

      Dave thought it would be nice to buy a computer for his daughter Pamela for her twenty-first birthday. This is their story.


      Dave's son Bob, a Columbia University graduate who got stuck in New York, is a philosopher and poet. Some of his works . . .

      To Dad

      Dave's father died February 26, 1999. Here are Dave's words about him.

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